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Manifest & Achieve Program

Transforming Aspirations into Inspiration

Manifest & Achieve is a program designed to empower youth in gaining life and self-sufficiency skills to build confidence, leadership skills, and resiliency.

Writing by the Water

Planting the seeds for success ​begins with meeting youth where they are and not setting our expectations on their ability to flourish.

What the Program Offers

Financial Literacy

Engagement with experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds

Hands-on-activities and community involvement projects

Self-esteem and confidence building

Smiling for the Camera
Smiling Teenage Boy

Education and awareness on relevant topics that impact youth through discussion and interactive activities

Tailored modules and workshops to build tangible skills and knowledge to prepare students for adulthood

Education and Career Readiness

Common Barriers 

Peer pressure

Social media


Racism / Discrimination

Socioeconomic Disparities


Inequitable access to necessary resources

Unhealthy relationships

Lack of educational support

Safety concerns

Abuse / Neglect


Mental Health

Drugs & Alcohol Dependency

Criminal justice system involvement

Breaking Through Barriers


Strengthening family relationships and support

Trauma-Informed approaches

Mentoring & individualized support

Life & Self-Sufficiency skills development

Educational support and access to necessary resources

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