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Victim Notification Processes for the CODIS Taskforce

Panel discussion at National SAKI Summit, Detroit, MI

Effective Collaboration between Law Enforcement, Victim Advocates, and Victim-Centered Interviewing

Clarksburg, WV

Domestic Violence and the Importance of Victim Advocacy

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office

Advanced Cold Case Investigation and Prosecution Workshop

Washington, DC

Supporting Families of Homicide Victims

Ohio Attorney Generals’ Office’s Crime Victims Annual Conference, Columbus, OH

Trauma-Informed Investigations and Interviewing

Lawrence & Bundy Law Firm, Atlanta, Ge

Victim Advocacy, Inside and Out

ASC (American Society of Criminology), New Orleans, Louisiana

Sexual Assault Response Team Summit; Delaware, OH

Victim Engagement, Maintaining Victim Engagement, Victim Notifications, Working as a Multi-Disciplinary Team – Sexual Assault Response Teams

Appleton, WI

Non-Stranger Sexual Assault: Profile of a Case – A SART Training Model

Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Victim Engagement and Victim Centered Approaches

panel discussion, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s Cold Case Conference, Manhattan, NY

Why Collaboration Changes the Game: Community and System-Based Advocates Supporting Survivors Together

Ohio Attorney Generals’ Office’s Crime Victims Annual Conference, Columbus, OH

Sexual Assault and Trauma

Cuya​hoga County Prosecutor's Office Grand Jury training

Victim Advocacy – Systems-Based and Community-Based Advocacy

Annual National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Grantees Meeting; Arlington, VA

Victim Notification & Engagement - Building the Relationship - Part I & Victim Engagement – Maintaining the Relationship - Part II

Delaware Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Statewide Training Conference; Wilmington, DE

Multidisciplinary Cold Case Taskforce Has Affected Victim and Prosecutorial Outcomes

2019 End Violence Against Women International Conference, San Diego, CA

Advanced Techniques on Sexual Harassment Interviewing

Philip Morris International, Lausanne, Switzerland

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