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Shift in Notion's Mission & Vision.....

Envision unlimited possibilities, Advocate for inclusivity and empowerment, and Transform notions to influence positive change and resiliency. 

Breaking Through Barriers and Bridging the Gaps 

Shift in Notion Consulting is dedicated to influencing positive change by transforming thoughts of perceived expectations and envisioning unlimited opportunities. I recognize the importance of proper training and consultation to enhance skills, develop effective communication techniques, and utilize strategies to inspire best-practice approaches.

Designed to transform aspirations into inspirations.

Manifest & Achieve Program


Check out some of my past trainings.
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Recent Projects

In episode three of our Research and Considerations for Sexual Assault Cases season, Just Science sat down with Natasha Alexenko...

Fashion with Mask


In episode two of our Sexual Assault Awareness Month mini season, Just Science sat down with Marya Simmons, founder and...


Shift in Notion Consulting is focused on developing and implementing strategies for supporting all victims of sexual assault, regardless of gender, age...

One of the common misconceptions about sexual assault is that it is always a male perpetrator and a female victim...


"Marya was an amazing presenter. She really brought light to different ways advocates can help victims that you may not always think of." 

EVAWI Conference Presentation

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